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Best RO under 15000 in the Indian market

Water facilities play a major role in day-long stress and busy working calendars. Mainly in cities like Mumbai where most operators and working persons leave, drinking water enhances an essential need.

Seasons like summer bring in more thirst and ultimately the need to drink the water and steaming the tap water is difficult after returning from the whole excited working hours.

 Therefore water purifiers should be present in every household to lessen the efforts as well as for avoiding waterborne diseases that have adverse impacts on health. 

Even if you are a middle-class physique trying for preserving the savings after monthly budget supervision plans, there is the best ro under 15000 which will be fruitful for you in every sense.

1. Kent Wonder Plus 7 Liters RO + UF Water Purifier

This is probably the best ro under 15000 that should be given the highest advantage when you are set for getting the best-suited water purifier for your home. Mineral RO Technology which was begun with Kent is now world-renowned due to its unbelievable advantages to each household. This Kent wonder plus wall-mounted water purifier ranks top in the event of best ro under 15000 rupees. It is an electronic purifier with 7 liters of storage having a 1-year warranty and 3 straight years of no assistance charge required.

Features: – 

  • Mineral ROTM technology is probably the best water method that can retain all the natural essential minerals with the help of a TDS controller. 
  • This purifier uses the multi-stage RO+UF purification method which cleans every melted impurity from water starting from heavy metals to harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • High-speed cleaning of 15 liters per hour makes it more reliable which means 7 liters of water can be easily purified within a few minutes.
  • The entire purifier is made from ABS food-grade plastic which means there will be no kind of leakages and no extra support is required for the push back design.

2. HUL Purest Marvella RO+UV 10 Liter Water Purifier

Pureit is the most renowned name due to the buzz generated in the ads and its total worth of that report.

The high-grade Ro and UV multi cleaning technology used in this purifier stores water as safe as boiled water. With a high area capacity of 10 liters, it is probably the best choice for people extreme for a water purifier.  

The classy design of the water purifier can join with any interiors providing a highly efficient production in every season. 

Being the most trusted group of the year, most people prefer this due to the performance despite low strength intake and faster purification.

Features: –

  • RO membrane involved in the purification method cleans all the dissolved pollutants deeply and makes the water 100% safer to drink.
  • The DC diaphragm pump of 24 volts enhances the speed of the outlet through the tap.
  • Purification speed of 9 to 12 liters per hour can certainly handle the full storage for purification in an hour.
  • The engineering-grade, food-safe, and nontoxic plastic body make it safe to use from all phases of utilization.
  • Pureit Company gives exceptional customer service for every product and this purifier is no various. Starting from installation to any defects while working, everything can be taken care of by the services.
  • Ease of preservation due to the removal of the tanker, membranes, and outlets.

3. Kent Pride 15 Liters Mineral RO Water Purifier

Upgraded multi-stage purification and effective water level indicator are the best things of Kent bunch that make it place in the topmost priority. It looks decent with the sparse natural and whole white-colored tanker and body. It has got every other feature of high and regular Kent water purifiers in the market.

Features: –

  • The multi-stage purification technology is so powerful that it can clear every deadly bacterium, virus, and salts which is not good for health.
  • The true Mineral RO technology of Kent is effective in retaining all essential minerals using a TDS controller to add good purpose to the water too. This also gives a good taste to the water.
  • Excellent client service can be provided to the buyers at ease with several service stations across India thus making it reliable to use.
  • Being a part of the most likely company, the Kent pride can purify all types of water which is an inlet from any sources starting from local tap water to brackish water.
  • An advanced computer-controlled system for warning purposes is highly beneficial for such a storage capacity of the purifier.

4. LG Puricare RO Water Purifier with Dual Protection

Filtration of all kinds of harmful chemicals and dissolved pollutants play a major role when you lookout for a water purifier in the market.

 LG Puricare water purifier has the most difficult 5 stage RO filtration system which covers the pre-carbon filter as well as a mineral booster too. 

The post-carbon filter part also adds the essential minerals that make the water better to drink. Upgraded dual security steel tank with dual seal improves the safety of the water to consume. This is the last and best ro under 15000 Indian rupees.

Features: –

  • The dual protection tank assures safety and also maintains the freshness of water decreasing the growth of algae or bacteria if kept for a long time.
  • A stainless tank of LG Puricare assures 20% more efficiency than the plastic tanks which are seen in ordinary water purifiers.
  • The unique sterilizing kit included in this water purifier provides the most sanitary method to sterilize the entire tank containing water as well as faucet without using any kind of harmful substances in it.
  • LG Puricare uses an advanced and approved filter that ensures the efficiency of vital parts of the filter’s body such as dynamic layers for filtration and tap.
  • The smart appearance on the body of the filter uses powerful sensors to show power, water levels, time to change the water in the purifier.
  • The installation method of LG Puricare is easy and needs less maintenance than other traditional electric purifiers.