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Top 7 Interesting Diy Ideas To Decorate Christmas Tree

Christmas is a joyful festival that marks the birth of Jesus all mighty. It is said that about 2000 years ago in a village called Nazareth, there was a girl named Mary, who was further married to Joseph. It is said that an angel of the gods Gabriel appeared to Mary who told her that she was the god’s favoured one and that she will have a baby boy who will be called Jesus and he will be the son of the God. This was how Jesus came on this earth as a Messiah to all humanity. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year and is one of the most fulfilling festivals of all. As it is also paired with the New Year celebrations, it gets all the more exciting. Christmas festival is a global festivity that is not limited by geographical or religious boundaries.

People get a long break from their busy schedules, and students enjoy long winter breaks with their families by coming back to their home towns. Singing carols, decorating the Christmas tree with candy canes, Santa Claus distributing gifts to children and a delicious Christmas cake makes this festival all the more beautiful and unique.

Decorating a Christmas tree is an important tradition of every Christmas. People usually pre-book giant Christmas trees to decorate them and beautify their homes. There are a lot of accessories that people use to decorate these trees. Some of them are a string of lights, small angels, bells, small gift decorations etc. Some also hide small candy canes for the children to find and enjoy. But what if you don’t have the means or budget for such decorations. Well, we have got a perfect solution for all you people out there with our DIY’s you can instantly decorate your Christmas tree that will, in turn, look just as amazing as the market’s decorated one.

Sparkling Stars:

Stars are an essential part of Christmas tree decorations. But what if you are unable to get a hold of them during the celebration. You can create beautiful Stars just by two simple components, cardboard and sparkling glue. Cut small stars out of the cardboard and cover them up with different coloured sparkling adhesives. You can add a beautiful red ribbon to hang these stars on your Christmas tree.

Candy Canes:

Hiding candy canes on the Christmas tree can be an essential ritual in many areas of the world. But what if you cannot find these in your local market? I suggest that you bake small candy canes shaped cookies and hang them on your beautiful tree. You will simply need an egg, some all-purpose flour and some sugar and you will have the perfect candy canes.

DIY gifts:

Colourful gifts hanging on a Christmas tree give you the best Christmas feel. Wondering how you can make them? You can simply get small boxes and paint them in different colours. To make them more beautiful, you can wrap a ribbon around them and hang them on your tree. You can also coat these in sparkling glue to make them even more lifelike.

DIY Dream Catchers:

Dream catchers are a comparatively new concept in decorating the Christmas trees and what makes it even better is that they are relatively easy to make. You can take the keychain rings and wrap different coloured strings on them to make them look pretty. Pastel coloured strings can make these look beautiful on your Christmas tree.

Candles on Ground:

Making lights for your Christmas tree can be quite tricky, so let’s figure out an alternative to make your Christmas tree light up. You can simply place candles around your tree to make it shine bright. Make sure that you don’t have kids running around as this might not be a safe option. In such a case you should opt for lights only.


Bells are an essential part of Christmas tree celebrations. Let’s figure out a way to create them at home? How about using the leftover cardboard from your star’s DIY? You can cut the cardboard and shape it into small cones. After shaping them, you can add different colours to them and hang them on your tree using a thread.

Bows: Colourful bows make a Christmas tree livelier, and the best part is that they are straightforward to make as well. You can simply buy different coloured ribbons and shape them into bows by tying them into a flower knot and voila, you have the perfect little bubble for your tree.

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated with different customs and traditions depending on the region or the communities. Each of these is as beautiful as the other. So don’t let your heart sink on this memorable occasion even if you don’t have anything to decorate on your Christmas tree. Add these with a cake cutting ceremony, and you will have the best Christmas ever. Maybe even Order cake online and get everyone engaged in these creations. Let your kid’s mind roam around with his imagination to create the best stuff ever.